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2014 Renault Megane

New 2014 Renault Megane

The New 2014 Renault Megane will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year.When talking about the release date of the market we hope will follow early next year.This French model car is on its way from the high-class cars that we provide luxury, sophistication and modern design . Promises that as potential customers will be able to enjoy the ride with your friends and family.Available us in five models namely:

– Hatchback
– Coupe
– Wagon
– Convertible.

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  Changes and engine 2014 Renault Megane

There are not many changes as to the exterior of the new 2014 Renault Megane will have a little more aggressive highlights.This model car has a very modern and much more elegant, yet is on its way from the high-end cars.Interior car will have two rows of seats where you can receive a total of five Pyunik. There are many well equipped with equipment that is made ​​of superior quality .You will be to enjoy with your friends and family members in driving.Engine starts with 0.9- liter TCe petrol engine that will be able to track up to 90 hp and 1,2 – liter TCE engine produces 120 KS.This both engines will be merged with the Efficient Dual Clutch gearbox .We can that this new generation of four-wheel drive also have the choice of your predecessor.There engine and 1.5 liter TDI – the diesel engine with 86 pi 1.6 – liter VVT petrol engine with 100 hp . Options for the transfer of the two power trains are 6 – speed automatic with double clutch.


Price for 2014 Renault Megane

New 2014 Renault Megane is very popular car in its class , and its rivals are will be Volksvagen and Ford Focus.You will have price that will move no more than its predecessor, and the price of £ 16,745 to £ 23.29.We course you can get in touch with certified dealers who will give you detailed information about the price.

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2014 Renault Twingo

2014 Renault Twingo

New 2014 Renault Twingo will be presented at the Paris Motor Show in next year.Table far as the first day on the market we will be available in early 2015 year.When talking about the price you can get in touch with certified retailers of the company to find out more detailed information about price.Comes to use our high-class cars, which means it has great elegance and refinement .Renault-Twingo-2015-

Engine for New 2014 Renault Twingo

Regarding the change in the 2014 Renault Twingo can d tell you that the changes will follow the design exterior.Will have  last engine.Will have option forward , this is a car that is ideal for city driving where you will be able to enjoy the ride with your friends and family.There is three or five door.Inside 2014 Renault Twingo will remain unchanged only will have a bit more spacious cabin.Engine starts with .2 – liter petrol engines and one diesel 1.5 – liter engine with 65 hp. As for the transmission, 5 – speed manual transmission is likely to remain the standard. Twingo 33

Price  for 2014 Renault Twingo

When we talk about the price it is best to discuss this with the merchants of the company, and we believe that it should not be more than its predecessor, the rival is a Fiat 500 , Opel Adam and MINI.We will do our best to update the release date on the market and precise information about the price .

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