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2016 Range Rover Sport

2016 Range Rover Sport SUV is one of the cars on the market with the elegance and sophistication of high technology percent goes into the category of the fastest SUV has a sports type as regards the outside .When talking about its fuel economy is considered to be one of the best forms to reduced consumption .His  length is 78,inch as wide, 70.1 inches.2016 Range Rover Sport side

2016 Range Rover Sport Equipment

When we see we can tell you that its front end with a narrow grille and LED technology starts with a 18-inch rims.Interior is done on the principle of luxury with leather details with 4-zone climate with its parking sensors and with USB and Bluetooth screen that is the touch function and a multitude such.Engine he starts with two engines is the first DHC 3.0L V6 that generates 340KS while the other engine 5,0L that generates up to 510KS go with 3F eight-speed automatic transmission offers acceleration from 0 to 60 mph for only 5 seconds.2016 Range Rover Sport side

2016 Range Rover Sport Release date and Price

For his release date is expected in late 2015 while his price to move around 90,000 $.