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2014 Peugeot 208

The New 2014 Peugeot 208

As we overheard the new 2014 Peugeot 208 to be expected release date on the market at the end 2013.Of course you can contact dealers from the company in order to get to the information of detailed price.You will receive  much more than you anticipate from this stylish and sophisticated car that comes to us high-class cars.We will try to update the release date and detailed information about the price .



The engine starts with 1.6 – liter THP petrol engine has 200 bhpse going to exhaust sistem.When the ignition is on , it emits a stylized sound that captures, at all engine speeds. When combined with the six-speed manual transmission , on close – ratio gears , the engine draws the full potential of this chassis. Its maximum torque of 275 Nm and maximum power 147kV ( 200bhp ). To 62 mph was rea hed in less than 7.0 seconds. U – gear re- acceleration is equally stylish with the Peugeot 208 GTi accelerates from 50 to 75mph in less than 7.0 seconds in fifth degree transfer.When fuel economy  is concerned about her we do not have any detailed information.



It is equipped as to the exterior of the halogen headlights that give it a modern look latest generation.There is  designed lamps with LED indicators for humility in daily lighting.Tinker  his little sports done and seats are made ​​of leather Nappa and Carole Veave.Colors  overflow of red to black.His instrument panel has colors that  from red to black to suit c crossbars door. We will do our best to update the release date and detailed information about the price .