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2016 Mercedes GLC

2016 Mercedes GLC differs from its predecessor model the exterior because it is visibly better and concerning his design.Drive will be almost the same as in the previous models.When him look inside we see that is sophisticated and luxurious when you look at his body has the form D while the steering wheel switch and transmission instruments and seats made on the basis of 2016 Mercedes GLC variants.2016 Mercedes GLC

2016 Mercedes GLC Exterior and Engine

Its exterior is of very high quality materials and designs that are very high rank has five doors but the plan is that this is another BMW X4 which is one of the great sporting models.Has cab dashboard and multimedia monitor.Engine it starts with 4.0 LV8 gasoline that has the same variants as well as AMG GT and C63AMG, while his other option has four cylinder V6 if it comes to gasoline and diesel in the class C class.2016 Mercedes GLC side

2016 Mercedes GLC release date and price

Its release date is expected in early or mid 2017 to Paris Motor Show will be presented, for the price we have no information, but hopefully it should not be higher than the previous model. More news at future cars 2017.

2016 Mercedes GLC

2016 Mercedes GLC comes with many changes, among which includes the headlamps and grille massive 18 inch wheels which enable more elegant and sophisticated equipment appearance.From expect LED lights with Xenon, then infortainment system and SAT NAV climate control Moon roof  looks very attractive.2016 Mercedes GLC side

2016 Mercedes GLC Engine

When talking about his depart with 2.0L engine with four units that will generate 300 4MATIC GLC that goes from 241 hp and 273 rpm mated to a nine speed 9G TRONIC automatic transmission, while he transferred his power to last part.In rumor ii the AMG version GLC250 BlueTEC diesel or until he announced remains to  to expect.2016 Mercedes GLC front

2016 Mercedes GLC Release date and price

For its release date market expects, it will appear in November 2015, while its price of around $ 38,000 depending on the trim level, which will go up to $ 70,000 .Competition him GLC has KS3 and K5.

2015 Mercedes S Class

With the 2015 Mercedes S Class we offer this video sophistication and design luxurious when this car brand in concerned.Falls in high-class Mercedes models with which our potential customers will be able to enjoy.You will get much more than what you expect.For its release date on market you can get in touch with the company , certified dealers to find out detailed information , we believe that it will happen in early fall , and the sale is expected following 2015.Complete him LED Lights and of course his luxury from the Bundeswehr producer.When talking about his interior , we can tell you that the materials are of superior quality , as well as Wheel space that offers potential customers the comfort of the front seat and last.From equipment we provide stereo camera , CSA PLUS AND AIRMATIC suspension.2015 Mercedes S class we omogucan in four types : S400 Hybrid , S 300 BlueTEC Hybrid , with 350 BLUTEC and S500 .2015-Mercedes-Benz-S600 1

2015 Mercedes S Class Engine

His engine starts with the 2.2 – liter turbo four cylindrical possesses gearbox and diesel engine that produces 204 hp and 15 kW of those coming from the electric engine located between the engine and transmission . U.S. 400 Hybrid are all the more powerful V6 petrol engine combined with an electric engine. Its total power output is slightly more than 330 hp and 370 Nm of torque , economy came when she was talking about 6.3 liters per 100 km . The maximum speed of the 250km/h.His fuel economy goes from 5.5 to 5.6 liters per 100 km.If you want a little more power with his 500 has a 4.6 liter V8 that goes from 455 hp and 700 Nm of torque .2015 mercedes s class 2

2015 Mercedes S Class Price

For the price we can expect about $ 94.000 , but still no official information regarding the price , you can contact people from company.A better equipped for the model should be singled out and about 140,000 dolars.You will be able to enjoy the ride with you, dear persons. We will do our best to you communicate all information related to the price .

2013 Mercedes CLA

2013 Mercedes CLA

As we overheard new Merceds CLA 45 AMG will be marketed in the UK think that will be in autumn 2013.Arrives us from high-end car that has sophistication, luxury and modern design.You will be tell you that you will be thrilled with this model. when we talk about the price expected around £ 40,000, but it would be best to get in touch with certified retailers of the company to give you an accurate price information.



The engine starts with our turbo 4 cylinder gasoline and diesel engines. Although there are a number of engines expected to gain 122 PS CLA 180 which gets the same engine as the B – class.When talk about the diesel can we expect the B 200 CDI with 136 PS 1.8 oil burner – litar.Will have and 7 speed transmissions in B class.Potential customer will be able to e decision for the three programs on gearbox.Engine will drive both the front to you were going to wheels enjoy the ride with you dear friend.2013-Mercedes-CLA-at-D


From this model equipment includes : LED lighting signature option AMG styling package, there are iPhone integration with Siri voice controls.
What I think the roofline , rear headroom is not efficient – and even Mercedes describes as the back seats 2 +1 seating , so if you are hoping to carry five adults person.New Mercedes has an active bonnet that rises from 60 mm to improve pedestrian safety in the event of collision.Air bags (up to nine airbags) and column  gather control improve safety inside.
This model gives us its PRE -SAFE system provide protection as an option. PRE -SAFE is activated parameters such as panic braking, over- under, or in a corner, or extreme motion control. The system then tighten the tension on the belt , closes the windows and sunroof and electrically adjustable front seats moved to a position that is optimal for the work to be able to master the system.


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