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2015 Mini Cooper

Presented is a new 2015 Mini Cooper car at Tokyo in November last year.For appearance on the streets will be a year later , while his model for convertible We’ll be waiting for him year.You will be able  to enjoy the ride with your loved persons.You can get much more than what have you expect.2015 Mini Cooper will receive a newspaper in terms interior.This  for sports car lovers big attraction model.His front of the foil will have less and therefore I give the impression of a real sports car.In interior news is Head- up display . Since the equipment will possess : British sumultifunkcional camera , parking assistant , cruise control.2015 Mini Cooper

2015 Mini Cooper Engine

He starts the engine with 1.5 L turbo3 – cylinder engine that goes up to 134 hp and 162 lb -ft torque moments Table  concerning the second he was supposed to be 2.0 L turbo 4 cylinder , which should go up to 189 hp and 207 Nm of torque it is paired with a manual or automatic transmission or a 6-speed will have a very good efficiency in terms of fuel economy from its last model .2015 Mini cooper 11

2015 Mini Cooper Price

When we talk about the price we have no detailed information you can get in touch with certified dealers to get more detailed information about the prices , we believe that it will be in the industry with Fiat 500.You  we will do our best to convey all the information regarding the novelty of company Cooper .

2014 Mini Cooper S

New 2014 Mini Cooper S

New 2014 Mini Cooper S to be presented at the Auto Show in Los Angeles and Tokio.Table far as the first day on the market do not have detailed information , you can certainly get in touch with certified retailers of the company and to more information detailed information about the price .You will be able to enjoy the ride with your friends and family, and we are sure that you will get much more than you anticiped.01-2014-mini-cooper-s-pacem

Exterior 2014 Mini Cooper S

Changes to 2014 Mini Cooper S will be related to the appearance I will remind a bit of the BMW 1 GT.News will apply to new wheels , a revised grille , and LED speedometer replace the instrument panel to the seats behind column.From equipment will be very entertaining features such as salt and infortainment sistem.Of course that this car comes from a high-end car that means that captivates with its modern style and sophistication .2014-Mini-Cooper-S-8

Engine 2014 Mini Cooper S

The engine starts with a 1.5 -liter 3 – cylinder turbo petrol and diesel engines that will hopefully be able to generate from 120 to 200 horsepower power.There are some information about liberating performance model which will be able to develop up to 300 hp . There will be a choice between the front and all-wheel drive and the six-speed manual and six-speed automatic transmission.Mini-Cooper-S-6-e1380

Price 2014 Mini Cooper S

When we talk about the price that we believe will be larger than its predecessor , which starts at $ 23.300 . We will do our best to update the release date on the market , and about the price you’ll have with traders from the company that will give you accurate information .