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2015 Cardillac Coupe ATS

It should be noted that the Cardillac was the weakest so far delivered the car but since the 2015 Cardillac Coupe ATS least that is currently on the market can be expected to increase interest in this car .
It is expected that this model is less than the standard , such as Escalade and XTS lead to better sales results and put it back on the brand ‘s leading position in market.Of auto show in Detroit a lot is expected from this compact concept coupe with two doors because it only model and the first model that comes from the brand.
The same platform and wheelbase offers and the ATS sedan , but powerful in terms of the body which is smaller than the CTS Coupe.Ono what a lot of attention are addressed by manufacturers is to reduce the total weight.How result of this action is to reduce overall fuel economy and easier handling of the cars that will be crucial in the selection of this model .2015 Cardillac Coupe ATS 1

 2015 Cardillac Coupe ATS Engine

The basic version of the sedan model has a 2.5 liter four-cylinder unit that has stopped and a 2.0 -liter turbo engine and also a 3.6 -liter V6 that comes with a naturally aspirated .
Model Coupe V6 is unchanged and it produces 321 hp and 275 pound feet of torque and acceleration from 0 to 60 mph achieved in 5.6 sec.Both models are offered in combination with six-speed automatic transmission, while you can manually choose the optional six-speed I turbo engine .
The interior is luxurious as ever in this model with the addition of high-quality leather and wood inlays as well as aluminum and carbon fiber.2015 Cardillac Coupe ATS 3

 2015 Cardillac Coupe ATS Release date and Price

No valid certificate on the time of appearance of this model , but as soon as we know you will be informed about everything that is relevant to the concept.

2014 Cardillac Escalade

The last few months have started rumors that the new 2014 Escalade enter the market late this year and early next year.If you want to know more information about the price and exact release date can not get in touch with a certified dealer in company.Consider the now there is no reason you should not miss this phenomenal offer that offers high quality and relaxation that you offer Cadillac company.

2014 Cardillac Escalade side

2014 Escalade Drive

The new 2014 Escalade will genral latest version 2014 Escalade GM engine block 48 version offers direct pass , which gives better fuel economy.I will be a six-speed transmission that will be Equipped with eight speeds.

2014 Escalade Exterior

When it comes to the look of the new 2014 Escalade can tell you that this is so far one of the most beautiful designed cars.Also  there are tail lights that are in operation and with the roof , which is now one of thinnest roofs.Back point will the be slightly wider than the front wheels.

2014 Cardillac Escalade


2014 Cardillac  Escalade Interior

The new 2014 Escalade will be something like sports design , and will be more focused on style LED  straight right by.Cabin will be very different from the city and Lukol platform, but this is not the case with the GMT 900 SUV version of the previous generation.Exceptional is cozy,comfortable and you can be confident in your driving while you use it.

2014 Cardillac  Escalade Features

When you mention the equipment you will have a new new 2014 Escalade believe that it involves stability control, Bluetooth, power lifrgate, camera and of course airbags.

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