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2015 Beetle Dune Concept

Speaking about the some what neglected Beetle vehicle then we remembered how it used to be a popular car among young people because of their redesign is slowly returning to the market , especially with its drive wheeled.Ago last few years we could see only a concept that was not developed further 2000 VW New Beetle Dune Concept . It seems that at this year’s Detroit Auto Show this concept again came as a Beetle Dune Concept .2015 VW Beetle Dune Concept

2015 VW Beetle Dune Concept

For now there are only some information about 2015 VW Beetle Dune Concept.Instantlyis only one image is available from which it is clear that all is still mysterious and that probably saved a great surprise.It what market it is essential to improve in every terms.On based on previous experience , these approaches require improvement in terms of the weight of the vehicles.Excpected and that 2015 VW Beetle Dune Concept to be equipped to defeat all kinds of terrain with no major problems and what is visible and change the front doorsteps and complete front part while the rubber higher compared to the previous model.This causing an increase in ground clearance and better grip on the ground than others.

2015 VW Beetle Dune Concept 1

2015 Beetle Dune Concept Engine

2015 VW Beetle Dune concept is based on the Beetle R lines and comes with a turbocharged engine and front-wheel excavators , but there is a possibility that the Tiguan could be several donor parts.In event that uses the same platform with a drive to all four wheels which is very unlikely , even that would be very improved all off-road ability.Also as a reminder turbocharged TSI engine with R – line > Beetle offers 210 hp , which is delivered through six special stages with two clutch DSG automatic gearbox that sends power to the front wheels .