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2015 Acura TLX

2015 Acura TLX will be officially shown at the Detroit Auto Show, and recent images are very much camouflaged so we do not know the final looks of the new model. Press release from company said: “The all-new model will feature more emotional styling with tidier, sports sedan proportions wrapped around two all-new advanced powertrains that provide even more athletic performance, along with a host of signature Acura technologies.” American Honda’s senior vice president announced that 2015 Acura TLX model will be replacement for TL and TSX models. As we can hear from different sources, interior in this new model will be almost the same as in TL model. We are almost sure that it will have high level of luxury. Exterior changes will make it more modern and elegant.2015 Acura TLX side

2015 Acura TLX Engine range and Fuel economy

We have information that new 2015 Acura TLX will have a choice between two engines with better performance and fuel economy. This was made possible with direct injection and new advanced transmission, with both two and four wheel drive. Exact data about engine specifications will be available in near future. Also fuel economy data will be revealed soon afterwards.2015 Acura TLX

2015 Acura TLX Release date and price

There will be three different versions of new 2015 Acura, standard ILX, mid-size TLX and RLX model. Release date is set for second half of this year. Price tag will definitely depend on engine version and equipment level that will be built in.



2015 Acura RDX

2015 Acura RDX has a small change in terms of its design.For its release date in the market for now we have no official information, please get in touch with certified dealers to give you all the necessary information.Not have many changes from its predecessor .2015 Acura RDX

 2015 Acura RDX Engine

Comes to us with 3.5LV6 engine is 2.3L four-cylinder that goes with 273KS , with time improves its consumption in terms fuel.Comes with a six-speed automatic transmissions with 20/28MPG offers fuel economy 19/27 mpg.When look at its design , we can with safely say that we done from superior materials that captivates with its elegance and refined.From equipment has internet radio , rear camera , Access System , plus a host opportunities .When watch it from the outside , we may observe its modern design that will delight our Potential customers . Since we come from high-end cars we are sure you will enjoy the ride and you will get much more than you expected.2015 Acura RDX side

2015 Acura RDX Price

When we talk about the price for the 2015 Acura RDX can not tell you that it will be around $ 35,000 while a better equipment must single out little more.We will do our best to keep you informed of all the news from the company in order to enjoy the ride .

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2015 Acura NSX

Like most models of the new generation and new 2015 Acura NSX has a novelty and not much different than the old model , but only that the changes made ​​to the engine , power, equipment and other means that the new model is much improved .
These are all promises made by the manufacturers that make interesting NSX for riders who like to ride with a four- item.More something that is very important is that it will be a super version of the hybrid model as revolutionary for Honda .2015 Acura NSX Concept

2015 Acura NSX Features

– A new longitudinal configuration to improve aerodynamics
– Offer 3.5 to 3.7 liter engine capacity
Direct – injection and the most modern version of VTEC technology with turbo chargers .
Air – conditioning .
output of hot air through the side openings.
– Production of power from 500 hp and more
– Transmission with double clutch with more than six degrees of transmission .
– Leather seats with additional details.
– Four speaker ( s )
Counter – speed engines .

2015 Acura NSX Release Date

New Acura NSX is probably ready to appear in 2015 and production will be in Honda’s manufacturing center in Marysville , Ohio.All hopes that the car will be up to two years after its launch in the market and it’s up to 2017 or maybe before as I expected impatient customers .

2015 Acura NSX Concept

2015 Acura NSX Price

As far as the price is still too early to talk about it because the data is inaccessible and given that added to the elegance of the car so it now looks luxurious it is possible that it will raise the price but not significantly.It you definitely know that it will 2015 Acura NSX cost ranging from $ 70.000 to $ 100.000 . Yet regardless of the price of that money will be lovers of these cars get the right value .

2015 Acura MDX

Now he has available , and came to us from a kind of luxury models new 2015 Acura MDX , which in itself has the sophistication of modern design and luxury.You will receive much more than you expect.You will be able to enjoy the ride with your loved persons.Engine it starts with 3.5 liter V6 unit that produces 290 hp , which is now offered with enhanced technology Honda.His power is transmitted though the six speed automatic transmission that also comes with the blade shifters behind the steering wheel . Coming from his front wheel or optional all-wheel drive , which was promoted for better control and distribution of torque.
For now it is the best source for which we can not decide. It has good fuel economy and much better looking than standard vans plus the combination of a higher level of comfort and luxury.2015 Acura MDX 2

2015 Acura MDX Features

With his integrated Active system that is second to decide . We can assist you in the selection of potential buyers who are looking for a vehicle in this segment to await the summer release of 2015 models , and then compare with key competitors before deciding .
When it concerns your safety from the company they worked hard for your security and to its functions and those are the Lane Keeping Assist , Lane Departure Varning , Wide View Camera , Blind Spot Monitoring , Forward Collision Varning and similar systems . Has features like roof rails , 12 speaker ELS audio system , adaptive cruise control, wide screen rear entertainment with HDMI , Milan premium perforated leather and more .2015 Acura MDX 1

2015 Acura MDX Price

A price for the time being we do not have detailed information , but we hope that you should not go more than your predecessor. Then enjoy the vehicles that we have prepared for you .

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2014 Acura NSX

When we talk about the release date of the new 2014 Acura NSX we can communicate  it will be early next year to announce the company.First car I’ll meet you at the car show in the U.S. market in Ohaju.When talking about the price we can give you very precise information but we can say that the price will be above $ 100.000.If you want to know more information about more precise release date and price you can get in touch with a certified dealer of Acura company. Consider that for now there is no reason why you should not miss this offer presented by this company. Guarantee you that this car offers more than you might expect.2014 Acura NSX pictures

2014 Acura NSX Drive

As for the engine , we can announce that they will be represented by V- 6 engine , a 3.5 liter turbo engine that will be able to while driving the rear wheels via the gearbox and double clutch replaced with a seven- speed AUTOMATIC gearbox.New 2014 Acura NSX will be different from the previous generation car hybrid technology that will enable safe driving with the front wheels, and of course that a system which is able to initiate front Axle , which is made ​​with two electric motors.V – 6 engine will be capable of producing power of 310 horsepower, while of course there are engines that are integrated lithium-ion battery , and just  therefore have the power to produce up to 100 horse more.However  power to the lithium – ion batteries added to the V- 6 engine , it is able to produce  over 400 horse power.Table adds to the possibility that the 0-60 mph has even accelerated to 3.0 seconds . 2014-Acura-NSX 2

2014 Acura NSX Design

When we talk about the design of the new 2014 Acura NSX we can tell you that the materials used aluminium.How which we expect to be one of the very elegant car, which will be used for all your occasions.When the word about Wheel Spacing can say that there 101,4 , measuring 170.5 in. , 45.7 in. tall, 74.6 in. wide .