2017 Honda AC-X

Honda prepare a new model with futuristic design to change mind on the market. New model 2017 Honda AC-X will have a lot of promotions of new features. As we found out, the new AC-X will be quite recognizable, peaceful-looking with sharper lines. This new model will retain the basic features, compared to the 2011 car.

2017-Honda-AC-X price

2017 Honda AC-X Exterior and Interior

When it comes to bodywork, is expected to be streamlined appearance of the car. In the interior of the car will be located automatically support system, for better control of the vehicle. The control panel will be find  position for wheel control. Driver’s and passenger’s seat shall have the inclination, which will provide a more comfortable and enjoyable driving experience. This car have totally new design, as we said – futuristic. Like in sci-fi movies. Beside interior design, Honda use a new materials. Those materials are much better on touch and have long lasting durability in use.

2017-Honda-AC-X interior

2017 Honda Engine  AC-X

According to 2017 Honda  AC-X will have two engine options. Internal combustion engine with a 1.6 liter 4 cylinder pipe and will provide a 127 hp electric motor and also a optimum output of 161 hp. Be better technology selected by the car manufacturer, in order to fulfill the expectation of reaching the above figures. As we learn, combined with  engine, is expected to 5 or 6-speed gearbox.

2017-Honda-AC-X release date

2017 Honda AC-X Release date and Price

According official information, if there is a change in the drive, the expectations are such that the price amount to more than $ 40,000. This is expected price for this model. This car will provide you to be different on the street. So if you wish to be like a star from sci-fi movies, this car is right choice for you.

Regarding release date, we expect that new 2017 Honda AC-X will show up at the end of 2016 or at the same begin of the 2017.

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