2016 Kia Sportage

2016 Kia Sportage

The Kia Sportage has been a popular on-road drive vehicle since say one of its release in 2010. Since its launch, this is the first time that the manufacturer has announced the release of an upgraded model. The very fact that the first model was quite up to the expectations of the public demand is the reason why the release of the upgraded model is also highly anticipated. Along with incorporating the latest technological innovations in its interior and exterior design, the major change in this 2016 model will be that of the engine configuration which is set for a total revamp.2016 Kia Sportage

2016 Kia Sportage Interior and exterior design

The exterior design of the SUV has been given a major face lift to give the car a more aggressive angle. The design now incorporates a lower set front grill which will serve towards making the car look lower in height and wider overall. New fog lights and a stylish new bumper are also going to be the expected additions to the exterior design of the Kia Sportage.

The interior design of the car has been tweaked to make it more passenger friendly as the new boxier shape of the SUV makes much more room for passengers as well as their luggage. Besides, the upholstery has been refurbished in premium leather which adds to the cost of the car but gives it a classy look. With respect to the infotainment options, the Kia Sportage leaves little to desire with an 8 speaker audio system, latest tech specifications like Bluetooth player, USB player etc., a digital radio, automated climate control and a 7 inch screen for navigation control.

2016 Kia Sportage Engine

The Kia Sportage will host a basic engine of 1.6 litre turbocharged and a premium model engine of 2 litres turbocharged which will give about 260 horsepower. Apart from these two, there is also news of a new hybrid engine which will combine a 2 litre diesel turbocharged engine with a 15 hp electric motor and 6 speed manual transmission. While this hybrid engine will give lower horse power than the premium model, it will be much more fuel efficient with more than 50 mpg.2016 Kia Sportage

2016 Kia Sportage Price and release date

The Kia Sportage has always been popular due to its low price tag among the SUV range. The basic model for the 2017 Kia Sportage will probably be priced about USD 22,000 with the premium models going as high as USD 35,000. The car is set for release in November – December 2016.

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