2016 Honda Freed

2016 Honda Freed has large opportunities. If we compare him with the previous model there we will find a lot of changes. For a start the new model change front grille, headlamps, front and rear bumper and fog lights installed. There are three different versions of this model, such as: vehicle with five, seven and eight sit. The interior is made of high quality materials, whose aim was to improve comfort. It has a protective glass of ultra-violet radiation, while driving in strong sunny intervals. To level the temperature was regulated, set AC system inside the car. New Freed is very comfortable and easy to drive.  The new design is very representative, and you can use him as company car to take your business partners to airport for example. That is the reason why in Honda expect to rise turnover and sell in this segment.

2016 Honda Freed design and space

2016 Honda Freed Engine

As we found out in 2016 Honda Freed will have standard front-wheel drive, and an optional system to drive all four wheels. We expect the new 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine with 130 horsepower. This engine have very good fuel economy, and this car is right choice for big family or some job like taxi.

As will have improved cooling piston oil, stronger engine and better fuel also has an automated five-speed transmission, it is expected a brand new permanent variable automatic transmission (CVT).


2016 Honda Freed Current Price and Release date

Expectations are such that it will first appear in late 2016 into the Asian market, then throughout the world. However, the chances of that ever appears in the US are minimal, but as we found out about it yet no one can guarantee.
It is believed that the price range from $ 16.270 to $ 22.295. This was to be expected, considering the benefits and class that gives this model car.

2016-Honda-Freed price

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