2015 Honda Accord Plug in Hybrid

New 2015 Honda Accord Plug in Hybrid we received from the high-class cars in which you will be able to enjoy as his potential customers.You will get much more than what you expected.2015-Honda-Accord-Plug-in-Hybrid 3

2015 Honda Accord Plug in Hybrid Engine

His engine starts with a 2.0 liter engine with i-VTEC technology and going to 137ks . There are also 124 kW electric motor that could produce up to 196 hp . Delivers 6.7 kWh lithium – ion battery that provides about 10 to 15 miles just electricity drive.When opt for driving modes that you can choose from more species may be electrically , HV model goes like a standard hybrid and these increases fuel consumption , and one that is HV Charge when he uses two motors . From the equipment we boast LED as light , pointers directions , rearview camera , mirror and more . When talking about his fuel consumption with certainty we will tell you that when it comes to CO2 reduction , and comes to good aerodynamics and low resistance rolling.Gains is a good result in fuel economy . When you have in yourself and the battery and the electric motor is much heavier than its predecessor in the course gasoline version , everything is done by superior material , when combined with aluminum aero drag with a 225/50/17 tire gives excellent results .2015 Honda Accord Plug in Hybrid 5

2015 Honda Accord Plug in Hybrid Price

When we talk about the price , we can tell you that the 2015 Honda Accord Plug in Hybrid price is a bit high are considered to be less than $ 40.000 , but for now we do not have detailed information you can get in touch with the company , certified dealers to get all necessary information .

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