2015 Golf VW

At the Auto Show in New York in 2014 to 2015 Golf VW will have its first presentation as the seventh generation of the car manufacturers so that its mass production expected in mid- year.

2015 Golf VW  look

While the 2015 VW Golf look like the new Audi A3 on the front drive modular MKB , its total size will increase and reduce the weight by using lightweight materials in construction. It will also be reduced height of the car by 1.1 ” anything else related to the external appearance of a change as far as the elegance and allure of lighting . The rear lights will be much thinner and more sophisticated, which gives it a sophisticated look.
As for the interior And it suggests little change in relation to the control panel , which will have a lot of valuable high- tech components and systems with the touch screen of 5.8 ” 2015 Golf VW 1

2015 Golf  VW Engine

Engine is planned for this model will be three options, one is 1.8 L four-cylinder engine with 170 hp and 184 ib -ft of torque. Another variant of the 2.0 L four-cylinder with 210 hp and 258 ib -ft for model GTI and the last option is the engine 2.0 L four-cylinder diesel engine model for TDI , which will develop 150 horsepower and 236 ib -ft torque .2015 Golf vw

2015 Golf VW Price

There is no indication regarding the price of this model , but the assumption is that there will be large fluctuations compared to the previous model , whose price was around $ 20,000 . It is believed that the  VW Golf for its features and looks to be a great competitor to the Mazda 3 and Ford Focus .

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