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2014 Volkswagen T -Roc concept

Presented at the very car in Geneva during the year 2014 Volkswagen T -Roc concept that we find it much more appealing to modern in accordance with their changes followed to RESTCA which is 3D and the opening and LED grating which has in it a one-piece and little round headlights .Done on the basis of superior quality with modern design and aluminum models with high glow.Confident we’ll get more than you expected, and you will enjoy it while you’re driving.2014 Volkswagen Concept T -Roc

2014 Volkswagen Concept T -Roc Interior and Equipment

When you look inside you will recognize that there 12.3 inch screen with infortainment system with AMOLED screen with its blue and also has GPRS, which allows all functions and settings with automatic temperature and many features that are available to you as our Potential buyers .2014 Volkswagen Concept T -Roc

2014 Volkswagen Concept T -Roc Engine

His engine starts with the 2.0L that can go with the 177 hp and torque 280 working  which is the seven-speed DSG gearbox, which has to have a model that has a speed of 130mph.Has three disc.His torque goes to the front of the wheels. A pressing plant we can expect it next year, while the sales expected to go in the 2016th.

2015 Lamborghini Huracan

You’ll be surprised with the 2015 Lamborghini Huracan because of his speed goes up to 610ks with 413 torque that it goes up to 300km / h.Falls in a class of sports car models but that its speed can reach speeds when you find yourself on the highway, because we can not with this is to go around the city that would be a little startling then performed with 130 to 140km / h.

2015 Lamborghini Huracan

2015 Lamborghini Huracan Engine

His engine starts with a 5.2L V10 engine and as we told you with 413 torque, but this model can in slowly slows naturally when our customers want potential has great power to slowdown roads.How us and his producer could not comment on that its speed can reach up to 325km / h.This is a model that delights our customers and with which you will be able to enjoy every driving.His weight is 1422KG and 3.2sec go to 100 km / h, while the 200km / h can do for 9.9sec.2015 Lamborghini Huracan side

2015 Lamborghini Huracan Release Date and Price

When talking about his release date on the market we have no official information, please get in touch with certified retailers in order to learn as well as its price.

2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser

  • A car is made for driving enjoyment with the 2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser because it has all the features you could wish for piles Potential customers.Done is based on modernity, elegance, sophistication, refined design.When talking about his release date on the market that it can expected in early 2015, but you can get in touch with certified retailers to give you detailed information  his exit.2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser front

    2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser Accessories

    Future customers should expect many new touches to the interior and exterior of the car when you look you will recognize that it is totally redesigned in terms grid, headlights, and its bodywork and interior models.His side door can be opened using 90 degrees and thus be on the back headquarters which inspires us as customers.From equipment has safety systems such as no key access control system, Boat trip control, plus a host of many features that will enable a more beautiful ride.2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser side

    2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser Engine

    2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser will work on the 4.0-liter V6 engine. The engine will produce 260 hp and 271 LB meters of torque. Is associated with a 5-speed auto transmission and comes back model
    When talking about his engine works on the principle 4.0L V6 that can generate up to 260 hp and 271LB torque that is paired with a five-speed and all wheel us positioned.Has multitude of security as a model as control systems, belts, airbags, Traction Control, plus a host of functions that allows a more comfortable ride.

    2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser Price

    For its price, we expect that it will be around $ 27,000 while equipment  to extract up to $ 29.300.

2015 Lexus RC

Falls into the category of sports car models stylish 2015 Lexus RC that will delight the male population as it is sporty, with many newspapers depart from its previous models.We can it fall in the category of racing models due to their incredible speed of movement.2015 Lexus RC

2015 Lexus RC Engine

Percent and falls into that category of high class shall proceed with 217KS torque of 280 pounds and 3.5L V6 that can generate up to him 314KS torque of 380 transmission that has a gearbox with eight speed.Has improved aerodynamics there by reducing his fuel economy.News him involved with a coupé with two options doors.His grid is in production that should izgleda.Comes with 18 inch wheels.Has much room for comfort to our Potential customers can enjoy while they were driving in a sophisticated 2015 Lexuc RC.2015 Lexus RC side

2015 Lexus RC Release Date and Price

How could we expect for its release date of the market is expected to happen later this year or at the latest early 2015.Foe its price for the 2015 Lexus RC for now we do not have any information you can get in touch with certified retailers to provide you details information related to the price of 2015 Lexus RC.