2014 Audi S6

The last few months have started a rumor that the new Audi S6 will enter the market late this year and early next year.The home price of this car will be priced around $ 44,000 and even up to $ 75,000. Regarding the sports version of its price will be roughly around $ 74,500 and up up to $ 90,000.2014 Audi S6

2014 Audi S6 Exterior

Of course, being parts of the right outer skin especially clear that will not be burdened by users.Design, as we will be able to say something like A4 and A8 stablemates, but it is a newer version.Will have and LED lighting that will complement the contemporary aesthetic . firm says that there is a very low coefficient of 0:26 A6 through which the air.Very fast car, sports type, comfortable and of course you will not regret it if you had.2014 Audi S6 side


2014 Audi S6 Interior

2014 Audi S6 interior has dozens of pieces, panel joints air vents, and meta,l trim,which can add up to a busy look atsome combinations although a clean control layout helps with that. A6 Instrument panel is thin and quite low, which means the LCD screen optional navigation system has an unusual flip of a dash. And Audi’s signature red lighting does not always work with some of the more exotic interior treatments, and its layered – oak look.There will be new commands, panel joints  also the latest resistance to air. When it comes to instrumental board it is very low and quite thin, which indicates that the LCD screen of the navigation system must be Flip.Is very comfortable, cozy, elegant.

2014 Audi S6 Characteristic

2014 Audi S6 Safety Features is is one of the best cars that are found so far on the market before all of it because it will have the knee from the front if there is an accident during drive.Then by full length curtain airbags will be.

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